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About Us

Mental Health Matters!

Due to the Coronavirus (Covid-19), almost every aspect of our daily lives has been affected. Whilst much of the impact of the virus is clear and present, what looms is a mental health black hole.

The denial of appropriate bereavement for loved ones that have passed at the hands of the virus. The effects of PTSD on our brave frontline workers. The anxiety and depression that comes from isolation, separation, financial and employment worries. These are just a few examples of what will contribute to the mental health crisis we shall face in the new norm.

Whilst the battle against Coronavirus has demonstrated the quality of both our NHS and frontline workers, we fear the currently underfunded mental health support functions of our service will be overwhelmed by the inevitable and imminent demands that Covid-19 will place on our society.


Will You Help Us Make A Difference?

Donating to our cause will allow us to provide counselling, treatment and psycho-therapeutic programmes to those who need it most when having to deal with any coronavirus related mental health issues.

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Our Story

Our initial reaction was to help raise money for Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) and even ventilators. The demand for these products, though, were immediate and other established charities were better positioned to pivot and provide that support through existing fund raising channels and appeals.

As the death toll rose and the lockdown tightened we began to be deeply impacted by a new story……. those who were unable to be by the side of their loved ones during their last living moments. In the darkest moments of their lives families and friends were then cruelly denied a proper funeral service and, in turn, the opportunity to the natural grieving process.

Our Mission

CAS is dedicated to helping those who have been affected by mental health due to coronavirus and lockdown related issues. We stand to do this through your generous donations. These will go towards providing mental health counselling services for those affected by the COVID-19 pandemic.

We will take action to support those who are financially unable to pay for counselling services.

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Who do we plan to help and where will your donations go?

The outbreak of coronavirus is fertile ground for those with mental health conditions. The feeling of uncertainty and unpredictability is proving to be exasperating for even the healthiest of minds.

CAS have identified three areas where we are committed to taking action and supporting those affected. Your donations will help us relieve the mental health suffering and positively influence the lives of people in the following categories:

  • Bereavement / grief for those lost to coronavirus, the anxiety and pain that may arise as a result of the inability to comfort and say goodbye to love ones, including by way of a normal funeral ceremony
  • Unprecedented need to provide PTSD related support to front line workers particularly those part of the NHS that have been working directly with those affected by coronavirus
  • All other post coronavirus social symptoms such as; Isolation/separation anxiety. Loneliness. Loss of employment / financial anxiety. Effects on children and domestic environments. Depression as a result of unhealthy lifestyle during lock-down such as excessive drinking, eating, drug use and minimal exercise. Propensity to suicide.

The long-term mental health impact on society is still some considerable way from being understood, as society itself is still very much in the ‘Trauma’ stage. We will be looking to identify counselling professionals that have skill-sets’ that can be effective in the ‘new normal’.

Our objective is to deliver support to those suffering from the above by working with counselling specialists initially across the home counties. As our movement grows we will look to expand our services nationwide as Mental Health, really does, Matter!

How Can You Get Involved?

Donate Now or Contact Us to get involved!

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We understand this issue hits close to home to a lot of people right now, and if you cannot donate directly it’s always great to set up a fundraiser and get involved in an activity that the whole community can enjoy and get behind. We’re more than happy to accept donations from fundraising campaigns run on sites like GoFundMe and JustGiving.


Spread Awareness

Even if you cannot donate right now, spreading awareness of our cause and what we can offer those in need during and after the Covid-19 global pandemic is incredibly helpful and we appreciate every single one of you that helps spread the word on social media.



Donating to our cause will allow us to provide counselling, treatment and psycho-therapeutic programmes to those who need it most when having to deal with any coronavirus related mental health issues.


Do you have any questions about our cause? Do you want to get involved?

Please use the contact form to get in touch with us today!

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